Types of Surveys

Pre-Purchase (Condition and Value) Survey

A Pre-Purchase, or Condition and Value Survey, is a complete inspection of the vessel in the water, out of the water, and during a sea trial.  It is used to inform the buyer/owner of possible repairs or missing equipment on a vessel prior to its purchase. It also offers a fair market value on the vessel, as well as replacement value, and is accepted by insurance and/or finance companies.


Insurance Renewal

An insurance renewal survey provides an inspection and report to satisfy the requirements of the insurance company in order to renew an insurance policy. It is important to find out from your insurance company if an in-water inspection will be satisfactory, or if an out-of-water inspection or sea trial will be required.


Corrosion Survey

A Corrosion Survey is a dockside survey to determine how well the submerged metals on a vessel are protected against corrosion. This survey will show the level of protection provided by the zinc anodes, check for any stray current corrosion, and check dock grounding. The bonding system can be somewhat inspected, but to fully determine the resistance in a bonding system it is necessary to have the vessel out of the water. Also, on fiberglass vessels, blisters may be found at this point.


Damage Surveys / Insurance Claim Survey

A Damage Survey and Insurance Claim Survey is generally requested by an insurance company to determine the extent of damage to a vessel in an insurance claim, however, sometimes a vessel owner may find this survey useful to protect their own interest in dealing with a damage claim.


Cargo Damage / Shipping Container Survey

A Cargo Survey and Shipping Container Survey provide an inspection and report of damage to cargo and containers for the purposes of insurance claims. Cargo surveys are also used for witnessing cargo loading and unloading.